Many diseases and ailments have responded satisfactorily to cannabinoid treatments, especially with a high concentration of pure CBD in its composition. A reliable product and good guidance are extremely important factors. Its anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antioxidant, and relaxing action have been proven…. So it makes sense that you have so many benefits in different pathologies. That is why we recommend consuming CDB and derivatives as preventive so you do not have to use it as a palliative or curative.

Every day there are more athletes from different disciplines who have discovered the benefits of cannabis oil and its derivatives on their training and post-recovery of them. It has been shown to help the body maintain a better homeostasis and consequently cell repair. They are products with very little or no adverse affect.

The raw material is the most important resource in any final product, even more so if we talk about a product for human consumption. That is why Canna Med uses products made with organically grown plants fot its Cannabis oil. it is 100% free of added chemicals.

There are several methods of extracting Cannabis oil, some cleaner than others.
Canna Med uses oil extracted with the method of super critical carbon dioxide (CO2) for its products, since it is the most reliable extraction method in terms of purity of the cannabis oil. It does not leave residues or impurities that the consumer wants to avoid.